How to Tell a True Survivor Story – Literary Hub – February 2023

“They Trespass Her Body Like They Trespass This Land: On Justice, Remembrance, and Healing for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples in Wisconsin” – A special feature of the 2020 End Domestic Abuse WI Homicide Report

“Everything Rises on an Atoll” Flyway: Journal of Writing & Environment 2012 Anthology


Debut Authors to Watch: Tegan Nia Swanson’s ‘Things We Found When the Water Went Down’ Is a Love Song to Survivors – an interview with Shondaland’s Sarah Neilson – December 2022

A Conversation with Julia Whitty – Flyway: Journal of Writing & Environment – May 2013

Interview with (former) Managing Editor of The Sun Tim McKee – Flyway: Journal of Writing & Environment – October 2011

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